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General park rules

  1. All Holiday Home users and Touring and Motorhome customers and their guests are required to comply with our Park Rules.
  2. The Management reserves the right to refuse admission to the Park or any part thereof or to require the removal from the Park of any person(s) who may have contravened these rules.
  3. All Holiday Home users and Touring and Motorhome customers and their guests should be aware of flood risk (inundation by the sea), fire risk and comply with all safety, emergency and evacuation procedures. These can be found on our website and on the back of the Park Map.
  4. Between Monday and Friday, caravan holiday homes are delivered and sited. For your own safety, please proceed with caution when caravans are being moved and follow advice from banksmen/signs on alternative routes.
  5. For holiday homes that are hired, the person named as the hirer is responsible for ensuring that your party and any visitors understand and adhere to these park rules and all safety, emergency and evacuation procedures.
  6. The caravan holiday home must not be used for sleeping a number of persons greater than the capacity of the Holiday Home as stipulated in your booking or your Licence Agreement.
  7. Any fixed ventilation in the Holiday Home must not be obstructed, blocked over or replaced by closable type vents.
  8. Refuse must not be left or deposited outside your Caravan Holiday Home or Tourer/Motorhome. Please use the refuse bins provided and as directed.
  9. No fuels or combustible materials other than LPG may be stored on the Park. All gas bottles must be located OUTSIDE the Holiday Home in a secure upright position.
  10. The lighting of fires is not permitted on any areas of Pinewoods Holiday Park including the beach car park, the pinewoods, the dunes, beach and foreshore.
  11. Properly constructed non-disposable barbecues may be used on the Park providing they are used in a safe manner. Disposable BBQs may NOT be used on the Park or Touring Field.
  12. The use of firearms, air guns, fireworks, paper lanterns or similar is not permitted on any areas of the Park, the Touring Field, the pinewoods or the beach.
  13. The use of engine driven generators is not permitted.
  14. Due to our location, we operate a “dark skies” policy to comply with planning permissions and to minimise light pollution. Please use a torch.
  15. You must not park more than one car at the Caravan Holiday Home except where parking areas are provided by the roadside. Holiday Home users should park at the door side of the Holiday Home. Car passes are available from reception and must be displayed on the windscreen of all vehicles brought onto the Park by Holiday Home owners or their guests.
  16. Vehicles should only be driven on the Park to gain access to and from your holiday home and must only be driven by licensed drivers. Accordingly, save to the extent that you may need to do so because of a disability, you must not drive cars around the park for any purpose, such as visiting other locations on the Park.
  17. Motorhomes and touring caravans may only be parked on authorised pitches on the Touring Field and not next to Caravan Holiday Homes. No tents are permitted on the Park or Touring Field.
  18. All cars, caravans, dinghies and boats and their contents are brought and used on the park at their owner’s risk.
  19. Boats and dinghies to be stored in the Boat Park. A fee is payable.
  20. Vehicle speed must not exceed 10MPH and pedestrians and cyclists must be given priority. Any owners or guests who persistently ignore this speed limit will not be allowed to drive on the Park and may be requested to leave the Park.
  21. Drivers must adhere to the same driving standards as required by law.
  22. No commercial vehicles are permitted on the Park.
  23. The servicing/repairing or washing of cars on the Park is prohibited.
  24. Children are the responsibility of their parents or guardians at all times. No games may be played in the vicinity of the Caravan Holiday Home and ball and other games are permitted only in the areas set aside for recreation. Kites must not be flown on the Park.
  25. Only dogs (other than any breeds subject to the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991) are allowed at Pinewoods Holiday Park (where permitted in hired holiday home). In hired units, dogs are not allowed on seating or beds.
  26. Any dog you bring must be supervised by and under the control of you, or a responsible adult in your party, at all times. This means you may not leave your dog unsupervised in the Caravan Holiday Home or anywhere on the park at any time. Nor may you leave any dog under the supervision of any person under 18.
  27. Dogs must be kept on a short lead at all times. They must not be allowed to foul the areas around the Holiday Homes. In the event of your dog fouling please clean up after it. Your dog’s behaviour must not cause any nuisance, undue noise or disturbance. Holiday Home users who ignore these rules may be refused permission to bring their dogs to the Park.
  28. All dogs must be kept under control on the beach and in the National Nature Reserve. You must ensure that your dog does not go into any fenced area on the beach, the dunes, the pinewoods or beside any of the Holkham car parks.
  29. No other animals or pets are allowed on the Park.
  30. Washing lines may be of the rotary type or the windowsill type only. Washing lines must be removed and stored out of sight immediately after each use.
  31. All portable canvas windbreaks must be taken down each night.
  32. The digging of holes, soakaways or drainage ditches is prohibited. Please do not allow your children to dig up earth or sand on the Park.
  33. Noise should be kept to the minimum between the hours of 11.00pm and 9.00am with absolute quiet between 12 midnight and 8.00am. Any antisocial behaviour should be reported to Security.
  34. Guests/holidaymakers to the Park must not cause a nuisance or annoyance, nor allow other people using their Holiday Home to cause a nuisance or annoyance to any other person(s) using the Park. Any person causing such a nuisance or annoyance could forfeit their right to continue their use of the Park.
  35. We reserve the right to terminate a holiday without compensation where unreasonable behaviour of the holiday party or their guests might impair the enjoyment or comfort of other guests. This includes the behaviour of any dogs in your party.
  36. Holiday Homes must be vacated by 10.00am and Tourer/Motorhomes by 11.00am on the day of departure.
  37. We expect that the holiday homes are left at the end of your holiday in the same condition as when you arrived. Please report any damage, shortages or breakages to the reception office as soon as possible. If a caravan is found in an unreasonable state at the end of a hire, we may claim repair costs and not accept a repeat booking. We define this as a state that requires “specialist cleaning” or “replacement of furniture/upholstery or carpet due to damage”.
  38. If we feel your behaviour is illegal, offensive, disruptive or inappropriate we will ask you to leave the holiday park.
  39. All customers are required to comply with current government rules in relation to managing viruses.
  40. Please telephone Reception or Security if you have symptoms that require you to self-isolate and be tested.
  41. All customers are required to comply with the terms and conditions of your booking.
  42. Park Management reserves the right to amend or add to the Park Rules at any time for the better operation of the Park.
  43. Our privacy policy can be found here.