Sustainable kids!

We can learn a lot from our children, especially when it comes to sustainability! To them, being kinder to the environment is second nature.

Let’s look after planet Earth

We love our planet and all the animals and plants on it. That’s why we’re working hard to look after it, and we’d love you and your families to help us while you’re here at Pinewoods. We know you’re on holiday, so don’t worry, there’s no homework to do! Here are some fun activities to try with your family and friends.

Did you know… if you didn’t bring your bucket and spade or toys, you can borrow some at the beach or buy eco-friendly ones at the Pinewoods shop?

Outdoor nature activities

  • Walk, run or cycle instead of using the car
  • Do a beach clean and throw litter into the right bin. Make sure an adult helps you!
  • Go on a nature walk with your family and see how many different animals you can see. Are there any that you don’t see where you live?
  • Find out what’s growing in the Pinewoods allotment
  • Have fun playing outside with a ball, or chasing your friends. Be careful not to run over flowers or scare animals
  • Pick up sticks, leaves and flowers that have fallen off trees and plants and use them to make a nature picture

How to help the planet inside

  • Switch off your tablet, computer or TV and do something that doesn’t use electricity. You could do some colouring, play hide-and-seek or make up a play!
  • Be in charge of the bins! Make sure your family are throwing things away properly
  • Don’t waste food. Share your snacks!
  • If you’re drawing, use both sides of a piece of paper
  • Recycle newspapers and food packaging like cereal boxes or packets into a collage or model

Activities on a phone, tablet or computer