Our sustainability action plan: WONDER

How we’re cherishing, nurturing and improving this wonderful place for generations to come.

In 2019, Holkham set out its visions and ambitions for the coming years, giving the estate’s future work direction and purpose. Sustainability and a pioneering spirit sit at the centre of that vision – “To be the UK’s most pioneering and sustainable rural estate”. In turn, a new sustainability and conservation action plan WONDER was created and launched in autumn 2020. As a core part of Holkham, and as a business located in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Pinewoods shares in the visions and ambitions outlined in WONDER.

This special area, Pinewoods in particular, is also a place vulnerable to the effects of climate change, associated sea level rises and risk of flooding. This is a very real risk to Pinewoods and helps to drive our ambition to become even more sustainable. We have been welcoming families and holiday makers for over 60 years, and to ensure we can continue for the next 60 years and beyond, we need to work towards improving our practices and cherishing our environment.

WONDER focuses on three core goals and the investment in real, live projects that make an impact from biodiversity projects, reducing our carbon emissions to phasing out single use plastics and the amount of waste we generate.

Our sustainability goals

Pioneer environmental gain

We will pioneer environmental gain, with a goal to increase natural capital every year, with every decision made.

Our sustainability goals

Champion low carbon living

We will champion low carbon living with a goal of becoming a carbon negative estate by 2040.

Our sustainability goals

Tread lightly and stamp out waste

We will tread lightly, and stamp out waste with a goal to reducing the amount of non-recycled waste we generate by 10% each year for the next 10 years.

You can help

Every member of our team is essential to the success of this strategy, and we believe you – our guests – are too.

It is by sustainability becoming an instinctive and natural behaviour that we will succeed.

At Pinewoods, one of the very first challenges we must overcome is to reduce the amount of general waste generated by our guests. In your caravan or lodge, you’ll find waste separation bags to use at the bin bays around the Park.

To find out other ways in which you can help play a part in achieving our goals click here and to help inspire the next generation why not try some of our fun activities during your stay with us.

More information on WONDER in general and each objective, along with the story so far, can be found on the Holkham website.