Sustainable stays

Pinewoods’ beautiful location is what makes it so special. We’re surrounded by stunning scenery, from the marshes to the beach, lake and pine woods. These diverse habitats and the wildlife living within them deserve to be protected. Please join us in our attempts to lower Pinewoods’ environmental impact during your stay.

Do it right and save the light

The energy we use is renewable, but saving how much we’re using would be even better.

Help us do this by:

  • Turning electrical items off at the plug when not in use
  • Only boiling the amount of water you will use in your kettle
  • Turning off the lights in rooms you’re not using and when you leave your accommodation
  • Popping on a jumper instead of using the fire

If it’s not in use, turn off the juice

Your heating, oven and hot water are run by gas. We’re working with our gas suppliers to be ready to move over to lower carbon alternatives when available. In the meantime, we want to reduce the amount of gas which we use.

To help, try:

  • Turning down your thermostat and radiators slightly
  • Reducing the length of time you have your heating on
  • Closing your windows if the heating is on
  • Popping lids on your pans (which speeds up cooking, too!)
  • Only heating the oven when needed
  • Taking shorter showers

Be a lean, green, recycling machine

Our aim is to reduce the amount of waste we generate and phase out single use plastic. Our recycling stations across the park each contain a food waste, glass recycling, recycling and general waste bin.

You can help us achieve our goals by:

  • Separating waste into the different bins to maximise what is recycled and composted
  • Using refillable coffee cups and bottles, and participating in ReWONDER (see Reception)
  • Cutting down on food waste
  • Supporting local businesses in our shop