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August 5, 2021 | Product of the month | 3 minute read

Here at Pinewoods, we are passionate about supporting our local community in Wells and North Norfolk. In our shop, we stock a variety of products from local suppliers, chosen by us especially for you. Not only does this include delicious groceries, you can also pick up gifts for loved ones and holiday souvenirs to remind you of your stay. Each month, we will be selecting a ‘Product of the Month’ and will share the story behind the product and its makers with you on our blog. We hope you enjoy reading this feature and browsing our shop during your stay at Pinewoods.

Our Product of the Month for August – The Black Shuck Distillery

In the summer of 2011, Patrick and Sarah Saunders founded The Black Shuck Distillery. They first began with their Sloe Gin, and in 2015, after two years of creating it, they released their original ‘Black Shuck Gin’. Anybody who knows the legend of the Black Shuck could tell you this is a local business to the Norfolk Coast.

The legend of the Black Shuck varies from story to story. Some believe it to be a ghostly spirit dog with huge red eyes which acts as a protector of lone women walking the coast paths at night. Others believe that the Black Shuck is a bad omen. Smugglers on the Norfolk shores told stories of the Black Shuck so that fishermen stayed home at night, when they wanted to bring their goods ashore. Whichever you believe, on a dark misty night, keep an eye out for the Black Shuck…


Because hopefully you’re lucky enough to have it on your table!

The original Black Shuck White Label Gin combines botanicals such as juniper, coriander and bitter orange peel with Norfolk’s own lavender and sea buckthorn. It ties in with the legendary Black Shuck very well, relating the taste with the Norfolk Coast lines’ beaches and waterways.

The Passion Gin is distilled with fifteen botanicals, including passion fruit, grapefruit, lime flower and elderflower. According to Patrick and Sarah, it’s intended to deliver “a taste sensation to intrigue and excite the palate,” which we can agree it certainly does!

Last but certainly not least, the Black Shuck Pink Grapefruit Gin has been distilled with pink grapefruit, juniper and angelica. With its lighter flavour, this gin is perfect to keep you refreshed on a warm, sunny day.

At both the Pinewoods Store and Holkham gift shop we pride ourselves in providing good quality, local produce to our customers. That is why we couldn’t simply not have Black Shuck Gin in our shops! It’s a renowned local favourite which certainly ticks all the boxes.

And if gin isn’t your tipple of choice then we have good news for you! The Black Shuck Distillery doesn’t only sell gin. They have a wider selection of beverages which are available from the Pinewoods Shop and on their website.

So, while you’re staying at Pinewoods, why not visit our shop for a browse and pick yourself up a bottle of Black Shuck’s finest to enjoy during your stay or as a delicious reminder of your trip to North Norfolk?


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