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Winter 2020/21 Wildlife at Holkham

Posted: April 02nd 2021

by Andy Bloomfield, Senior Warden Holkham NNR

Following a very wet December, we were pleased to see our largest ever Lapwing wintering population (from a different place to our breeding birds, central Europe) – some 17,000 birds alongside 15,000 Wigeon (from northern Europe and Asia), 3,600 Teal and 29,000 Pink-footed Geese (from Iceland and Greenland). An impressive and truly cosmopolitan gathering of birds that really don’t mind getting wet feet in the winter weather we’ve been having lately!

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An introduction from the new General Manager

Posted: March 25th 2021

by Darren Williams, General Manager, Pinewoods

Hi, I am Darren the new General Manager at Pinewoods and I wanted to take a moment to say an official hello!

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