Meet the team: Becky

March 18, 2024 | Pinewoods people | 4 minute read

In this edition of ‘Meet the Team’, we’re hearing from Becky, Pinewoods’ Park Operations Manager.

Hello. I was secretly wishing to avoid being nominated for this article, as I felt you would all be fed up of me! However, the team have convinced me, and there is a special message I would like to share.

For those of you that don’t yet know me, my name is Becky and I am the Park Operations Manager. I joined Pinewoods back in 2001. Along the way, I have done a variety of roles before settling on this role a number of years ago. I always say I have the best job across the entire Holkham estate!

Part of the article is being tasked with answering the following…

What is your favourite activity locally?

Easy – horse riding. On the rare occasions when the stars are aligned – it’s not raining and the horses are behaving, it’s simply brilliant and I feel very lucky to live in such a lovely location here in North Norfolk.

What is your go-to recipe for gathering with friends?

I thought this was a trick question, as for those of you that know me will know this would never happen. I am a terrible cook, yet fortunately I have somehow managed to surround myself with people who love cooking and feeding people. It’s a win win!

What is your favourite North Norfolk delicacy?

Well, there are a few, and it changes with the season. At the moment I am slightly obsessed with Mrs Temple’s Binham Blue cheese (it has been a red wine and cheese kind of winter).

What is your favourite north Norfolk view?

One of the good things about horse riding is you are sat that little bit higher and get to peep over hedges! The view from the greenway track from Gallows Hill towards Warham is great. In one direction, you look over Wells with all the landmark rooftops and over the marshes out to sea. In the other direction, you look out across the rolling hills, where the colour changes depending on the light, crops and time of year. It’s beautiful.

What are you looking forward to socially this spring?

This leads me nicely onto why I was persuaded to do this article. As some of you might be aware, in September 2022 my 21-year-old nephew had a completely unexpected life-changing, catastrophic stroke whilst back home from university. After months fighting for his life, he has now moved to a specialist neuro rehabilitation unit before he returns home to Wells. Eighteen months into Connor’s rehabilitation journey, he continues to amaze us! He never quits pushing hard to improve his mobility and regain his voice, but he will need additional therapies and a powered chair to reach his full potential.

This hard work inspired us to launch the JustGiving ‘Connors Fight Back Fund’ and we have been overwhelmed with the support and donations it has received. As we all know, Wells is a special place and the community and our friends have sprung into action with a growing list of events planned throughout this year. It starts this Easter with an Easter Egg Bingo, which follows with events ranging from a 24-hour charity darts tournament to a barn dance, an art auction to numerous sponsored events. To follow these events and get involved, visit the Facebook and Instagram accounts titled @ConnorsFightBack.

So, as you can see, my social calendar is going to be busy, and perhaps I will bump into you if you’re a dart throwing, bingo or art lover! Everyone is welcome.

Lastly, as we have just reopened, all I can say is it’s been a very long, very wet winter! In all the years, I do not think we, as a team, have ever been so excited to welcome you back with the feeling that spring is in the air. We literally cannot wait for the season ahead!

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