Meet the Pinewoods team: Diane

May 11, 2023 | Pinewoods people | 4 minute read

In this edition of ‘Meet the Team’, we’re hearing from Diane, Receptionist and Retail Assistant here at Pinewoods.

Tell us about yourself.

Hi folks, I’m Diane Pink.

Born in Leicester, Wells-next-the-Sea and Pinewoods have produced the majority of my favourite memories growing up. Fifty four years ago (I know, I really don’t look old enough!), I first set foot onto Pinewoods and had the most amazing childhood with my parents having a caravan onsite. Growing up, I spent every weekend of the season on, in or beside the water, joining in with the local water ski club and lifeguards or walking miles in the woods only returning to the caravan once extremely tired or hungry.

At 19, I made the move to Wells and I have never looked back. What a fabulous place to live! The most beautiful area and the best of communities.

I have bought up two gorgeous boys who I am very proud to say both make a living from the sea in different forms. My eldest is one of our local fishermen, sailing in all weathers and at all times of the day and night to bring home the catch. My youngest trained up to be a 200 tonne skipper from deckhand, working on the transfer vessels for the windfarm. He is now running the Lucy Lavers Historic lifeboat and Dunkirk Little Ship during the summer season and returning to the windfarms during the winter, and has given me the biggest love in my life: a very precious grandson.

For myself, work over the years has taken me all over the world from Bali to Barrow-in-Furness and home again. I spent 12 years offshore being site administrator during the construction phase of building various windfarms throughout Europe. This gave me the privilege of working with some of the most incredible guys from all over the world and being introduced to many various cultures and culinary delights.

In my spare time I am involved with the Christmas Tide Committee, supporting Wells Carnival and Rescue Wooden Boats, and enjoy every day with my treasured four legged family member Pickle.

Now I am back in Wells full time, I have had the pleasure of working at Pinewoods for the past year. Being able to contribute to someone having a wonderful holiday and passing on some local knowledge in the process has been very rewarding. I have also been involved with refurbishing our beach huts, arranging entertainment and various craft and activities on-site, decorating our lodges at Christmas including bringing a sleigh to site (I’ve got a very big, full workshop, ha ha) and dressing up as Peter Rabbit at Easter.

I now feel like singing a rendition of the Lion King’s Circle of Life as it seems I have done a full circle within mine. Maybe I have found my signature tune!

Favourite go to sweet?

Well even though they advertised it as ‘Not for Girls’ once upon a time, a Yorkie dunked in a strong black coffee is very naughty but very nice! Or Danish salty liquorice – pure pirate heaven.

What song guarantees you’ll get up and boogie?

The song that guarantees I’ll be on the dancefloor, not so much boogie-ing but foot stomping and crazy, is ‘Devil Went Down to Georgia’ by the Charlie Daniels’ Band. Saying that, you’ll always find me on the dancefloor at any party!

Who is your hero?

From early childhood, my hero has been Jacques Cousteau, the pioneering oceanographer, film maker and author. He cemented a life long love of the seas and oceans in my veins. He gave me an appreciation, respect and knowledge of our beautiful blue planet.

Night in or night out?

It just has to be on the water, out on the boat, breathing in the salt air, watching an incredible Norfolk sunset and being in the company of amazing friends, maybe with a shot of rum too. Then looking back onto our beautiful beach and heading to town with all the lights of the harbour glowing around welcoming us home.

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